We understand your anxiety for your rough and dry skin with the increasing age and most importantly you are worried to think how you can keep your skin look intact in this age of 50. With your growing age, skin has started the natural aging process. People, with oily skin are luckier in this case. They have a common facility to face the aging problem less than others.

As a natural tendency the oily skin starts aging at a slower rate than the dry skin. If you have an oily skin, it is a little relief for you. But it never means that oily skin never requires any care to keep it look younger. So we suggest you to take care of your skin regularly and if needed you can plan for plastic surgery in Dubai to look younger.

Both of the dry skin and oily skin as well as the mixed ones are in equal need of care. You have gone through many skin care products but none of them worked well on your skin to make you more beautiful. They were quite expensive though neither they made you look refreshed nor rejuvenated your skin. The creams, and all other cosmetic products spelt ‘anti wrinkle’, ‘anti aging’, ‘anti blemish’ and many more. But not a single one worked well.

Stop worrying about what you have used previously and welcome the procedure of plastic surgery with this developed era of science. Your unwanted face parts will get their desired shapes with the facial treatments like cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, breast enlargement in Dubai and various others. Just make sure that you can maintain the pre as well as post surgical regulations. Keep it in mind that usage of cosmetic products and exposure to sun are completely discarded for some weeks after this surgery.

Along with the facial treatment of cosmetic surgery, you need to maintain some regular beauty tips that will help you in keeping up your younger look. Without any more effort, you will look beautiful. Look at the tips we have gathered for your help and stay young.

• Say ‘no’ to stress: Stress is a common problem in our regular life. Unknowingly, people go through different anxieties in their lives and it leaves signs on their health. Stress can make you look older more than your actual age. This may bring in health issues like cardiac diseases, stress attacks and more.

• Have healthy diet: Healthy food like protein, fruits, vegetables have antioxidants to keep your younger look intact for long. You need to focus on including healthy , like fruits and vegetables in your regular diet.