The generation of computer and internet viruses is a problem that has affected the populace in the whole of Earth. There are different types and kinds and they tend to proliferate at a mind boggling rate, sometimes inside your computer too. Viruses usually modify and replicate inside a computer system or the internet and have a continuous pace of spreading all over. Here is a breakdown of the types to help you identify which is bringing down your computer to figure out how to slay it.

i. Memory residents

Viruses that land onto your RAM and fix themselves there permanently are called thus. These viruses are constantly getting in the way of programs and files every time you use them and corrupt them and other files that are open at the same time. Some viruses of this type are CMJ, Meve, Randex and Mrklunky. If there are severe problems of even operating your computer due to Ram problems it is best to consult an IT technical support in Dubai service.

ii. Macro

Another one of major type viruses these are made by programs and applications that use macros; or files with extensions like doc, pps, xls, mdb and such. The virus immediately affects files/ folders with macros and any data, templates and documents in that file. Once emailed or opened in another computer through the use of external flash drive and such it will end up infecting every macro file in that computer too. Famous macro viruses are Melissa, Bablas and Relax.

iii. Browser hijackers

These viruses are the most commonly seen virus and also the most wide spread. If you have a toolbar or homepage that cannot be changed no matter what, then you have been infected by PUP (Potentially unwanted software). These viruses usually spread onto the computer through browser advertisements, free wallpapers, games and software that you click on. Some examples are the cool web searches, astromenda, ask toolbar, tuvaro and others.

iv. Overwriters

Over write viruses delete parts of information of your existing information in the files that have been infected. It will make the files inoperable and useless. Even though it deletes materials from the folders the size of the folder does not change as it inputs virus files. Some of these viruses are trivial.88.D and Trj.Reboot.

Although viruses are famous because of Trojans, it is not technically a virus as It a program which camouflages itself to get authorization from the user to execute itself. They are highly dangerous as they delete important data, gather login details of users online and tracking your moves. You bank details and other highly confidential information can therefore be used by the Trojan creator. Usually the Trojan infections are severe as sometimes they interfere with the operations of an antivirus program and even restrict your access to downloading one. During the times that you are impeded by one of these, immediately contact a well reputed IT company after shutting down your computer.

While malwares like viruses are dangerous and annoying a proper antivirus program and anti malware program can keep track of the threats and remove them in a timely manner before it infects anything vital for the process of the computer. It is best not to click any pop up advertisements, chain mail pictures and free wallpaper and software advertisements as they are almost always viruses.